Wednesday, October 19, 2011


If you have a hour or so to kill, and want a real treat. Do yourself a favor and take drive up Santaquin Canyon. I have lived in this valley for many years. I have heard people talk about all the beautiful canyons we have just a few minutes away, Provo, Hobble Creek, Diamond Fork, Rock, Goshen, etc., etc. This afternoon Sally and I took the Spitfire for an early drive, we made our way to the west fields of Payson and Spanish Fork, because there is a lot of scenery and not many stops. You get a lot of farms and animals, garden variety pleasant things to gaze upon stuff right? We were making our way to the "Red Barn" a short drive south of Santaquin on the old road to Mona to buy some apples. They have a great selection of fresh picked apples and other fruit and goodies that are irresistible to anyone with a sweet tooth. It sounded however more like recess at an elementary school because Daryl and his other brother were giving hay rides to little kids. Hay rides, more like hey! keep your hands inside the wagon, hey! stop jumping up and down on the sides of the trailer, hey! can you be a little quieter? That's the kind of hay ride it looked and sounded like.We browsed a short while so as to not waste to much daylight and came away with a bag of apples a small bag of chocolate covered cherries and a big bag of kettle corn, yum! On the way back to town I got an idea, (by the way my mother was fond of telling us the word "idea" was the very same word in Croatian") to take a look at Santaquin Canyon. One, because we have never been there, and it's always fun to see new places, and two, it was close by, so we headed in that direction. After getting lost a bit I did the unthinkable and asked for directions. We got on the right road. It didn't take long to realize this was a cool place, not because it was October 19th either. Wow! It was a treat! I think we now have a new favorite destination for a short fun drive. If anyone is wondering were to go for an afternoon picnic on a warm day look no more. Go to main street in Santaquin turn South on Center Street and follow your nose to the mouth of the canyon, you will be amazed! Your welcome, you can thank me later. I took a little video and a few pics with my phone camera, which doesn't do any justice to the awesome scenes that await you, but here they are anyway. Until next time. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

 Here is one of a little waterfall full of driftwood

This one reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it, you know why? It's too high! Maybe Lionhead in Montana just outside West Yellowstone.

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  1. We loved Santaquin Canyon. It was our favorite camping spot when we lived in UT. Can't imagine how fun it would be in a little car. My parents used to race MGs and for you guys! Wandered here via Sally. Take care!