Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mudslide Slim

A little homage there to the great James Taylor. You've probably guessed by now that I am talking about the "Thistle mud slide," no? I must have made to quick a jump, I thought it was fairly obvious. Not to worry I know your with me now. Sally and I were looking for some cooler air, so I thought a cruise up Spanish Fork Canyon was just the ticket. I was nice and cool! What a great place we live in to go just 15 minutes from home and be in a number of spectacular canyons! There is not a dud in the bunch. We stopped at the top of the long climb and pulled over so we could view the Thistle slide area. If you haven't been there it is worth the trip. What a lot of earth was moved that day, in just seconds! I remember when it happened. We had all that rain, like we've just had, and it made the area so heavy and soft it just slid down. It made Thistle a ghost town. I remember driving past all those houses under water, how sad for them. In 1976 the Teton Dam broke and also washed away many homes. One home was my friends, Ray Hawkes, he was killed in a car crash just a short time before it happened. His family lost all the photos they had of him. I don't have one either. Nature can be very cruel at times. Anyway, we had a good time and came down the canyon before it got dark. Spanish Fork canyon is risky at the best of times. We putted around the palacial homes in Mapleton and headed for home. See ya soon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

You never know

Last night Sally could not go with me on my almost daily ride so I headed out alone. She told me that the care facility where her brother Greg lives was having a car show. I thought I love cars so I will head over there and check it out. I t was not very big but had some really nice cars there. It was kind of funny because when I pulled up every one was checking out the Spitfire, and I wasn't part of the show. Maybe next time I will enter it. I walked up and down the main row and a man approached me. He looked familiar and as we talked I finally realized it was Provo Mayor Curtis. We chatted about cars and he informed me he used to own a TR6,another one of my favorite cars. He said sadly that he had to sell it because he was not very mechanical. This is true of older British cars, you have to tweek them all the time to keep them in top shape. As a point of fact, did you know that the British were trying to build one of the first computers but failed because they couldn't get them to leak oil. True story, at least some of it. I found the Mayor to be a pretty easy going guy and seemed genuine. I will feel better now about calling him up and complaining. Thanks for stopping.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spanish Fork Canyon Wind Turbines

Sally and I took a ride and ended up heading for the wind turbines at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. They are very cool if you haven't driven past them when they are spinning. I wish I could view them when I am tired and want to fall asleep fast because they are mesmerizing and have a hypnotic effect on me, like the menu at Burger King! We weaved through the back roads around by the Hari Krisna Temple. It looked pretty stunning in the low light of evening, a lot like the golden arches at McDonalds! There was a great sunset that traced the clouds with a thread of golden light, I love it when you just happen to be in the right place at the right time and all you have is a phone camera. I guess they are good if you like big pixels in everything. I was definetely a little on the cool side so we headed to warmer air and came home. Bye for now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memory Lane

After having my usual at the Taco Shop, Sally and I decided to take a little cruise in the Spitfire. We made our way through town and ended up going to Provo canyon. The air started to cool a bit once we got in the canyon so Sally had to put on her hoody. I decided to tough it out and shiver all the way up and down. I found out it's not a good idea to have a large drink and then go for an extented ride in cool air. It has just the opposite effect of being asked for a sample at the doctors office.
Anyway, we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls for a while and just took it all in. The falls is really full right now and very spectacular. I don't think there could be a better setting for a falls than right there. The rock formations are amazing. It makes me want to see how those massive layers of granite were molded. What power could do that? Well I know, but I would like a geologist to try and explain it. We used to go up the all the time when the kids were young and the lodge was still there. When Sarah and Rachel were young we took them up the gondola to the top. this also has that same effect I mentioned earlier coupled with white knuckle fear of heights. We spent many Sunday afternoons feeding the fish in the river below. I would like to be the fish food vendor in those days, $.50 for a small handful of "trout chow"! What a rip-off! Sometimes we would bring our old stale bread, the heels that no one would eat. We continued further up the canyon to Vivian Park, named for Luciel Ball's side kick who fell in the river there during a filming of the "I Love Lucy" show. No, not really, I made that up, but it is better than what probably happened. Likely named for some over weight, middle aged blue hair that chain smoked and had her curlers in her hair until 3 in the afternoon everyday. We made our way up to South Fork to the camp sites and then came back down. It was nice to get back in the warm air of the valley. We stopped on Center street to watch some vultures come in but they were already up for the night, so we came home. See you next time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Ride

 It was kind of bitter sweet. Yesterday afternoon I came home early from work so I could relax some before the big wedding day got started. I was a bit tired and thought of taking a nap with my ipod on, but it was a gorgeous day and I had time to fire up the Spitfire for an abbreviated ride. Sean was home, which is rare because he is usually at the gym when he has some extra time. This is why his body type and mine are a bit different! So I asked him if he wanted to take a ride in the Spitfire. To my surprise he said yes, "lets go get a drink", which is code for going to Maverik and getting a drink! I was a little taken back because he has never had an interest in going with me in the Spitfire. We climbed in and went to Maverik and got a soda, and a little gas because the fuel gauge on the Spitfire has mind of it's own, and it's better to be safe than sorry. We cruised out to 1860 south and then took the old road that goes to Springville. I pulled over after a short distance and asked Sean if he wanted to drive. He said yeah! I know this is out of character for me because this is like a  mom giving the newborn to a novice. I was a little nervous, but he did real good! He didn't kill it one time! I don't think I was that good on my first try, must be in the genes. We cruised along and then it dawned on me, we were taking our last ride together as father and single son. Later today he was becoming a man and taking on new responsibilities and challenges. He would not stay at my home tonight. I can't say good morning to him everyday, we can't have those spontaneous talks that spring up at odd times. I will miss not having him around. We had some private words back and forth about the future and then we steered for home again. He even pulled it all the way into the garage up the steep driveway. He's a natural. Later we made our way to the wedding. It was a perfect day in many ways. The weather was grand, the venue was awesome, the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and we had the pleasant company of friends and relations. It could not have been better, and  I was so proud of my son, and feel so blessed to have Tiffany for my daughter in law. I know he will be a great husband and a father someday, and she a great wife and mother. I give them my love and wish them every success and happiness. A good time was had by all.