Thursday, June 16, 2011

You never know

Last night Sally could not go with me on my almost daily ride so I headed out alone. She told me that the care facility where her brother Greg lives was having a car show. I thought I love cars so I will head over there and check it out. I t was not very big but had some really nice cars there. It was kind of funny because when I pulled up every one was checking out the Spitfire, and I wasn't part of the show. Maybe next time I will enter it. I walked up and down the main row and a man approached me. He looked familiar and as we talked I finally realized it was Provo Mayor Curtis. We chatted about cars and he informed me he used to own a TR6,another one of my favorite cars. He said sadly that he had to sell it because he was not very mechanical. This is true of older British cars, you have to tweek them all the time to keep them in top shape. As a point of fact, did you know that the British were trying to build one of the first computers but failed because they couldn't get them to leak oil. True story, at least some of it. I found the Mayor to be a pretty easy going guy and seemed genuine. I will feel better now about calling him up and complaining. Thanks for stopping.

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